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Fear Of Missing In

This post is for the dance junkies and the traveling dance instructors. But anyone who has caught the dance bug can probably relate. Backstory There was a time when I took nine dance classes a week. There was a time when I went dancing four or five nights a week. I went to an all-night … Continue reading »

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The Glorious Life of a Traveling Dance Instructor

I’m sitting in a house on the outskirts of Paris, in a ville called Alfortville, which reminds me of Hackney, London. The black people here are very black, like they just came out of the sun in the sunniest part of Africa, not like the creamy blacks of America, who all have some white blood … Continue reading »

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Mistakes, Awkward Moments and Lessons Learned While Traveling

Studies show that people reading about others’ lives on social networks creates envy and dissatisfaction, because people choose to present the most positive aspects of their personalities and lives on facebook, twitter and personal blogs. The New York Times observation about “perfect vacations on Facebook” reminded me of all the imperfect and awful moments I’ve … Continue reading »

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On Dance Culture: Separate and Unequal

Bourbon Street, New Orleans We approached Bourbon Street in a circumspect manner, like pioneers skirting the edge of an overflowing river. The “drunken-steins” as my companion called them, spilled down the adjoining streets like bubbling tributaries, sometimes gurgling straight into us. We side-stepped and dodged, re-directing our own flow, forging across the stream… Continue reading

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Dance Tour = Done

American Sky I’m home finally. I’ve had a week to unpack, clean-up and catch up and now it’s my first Monday morning in my kitchen, writing and getting back to the thing I was craving: my rhythm. Travelers are neophiles. They’re obsessed with newness and new activity. They’re addicted to the endorphin… Continue reading

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Going on an Adventure Helps You Focus

It’s true, I’ve hardly written on this trip. December was amazing because I had minimal distractions. I got up in the morning, made breakfast, grabbed my laptop and walked down the hill into town, sat in a café for a few hours, downloaded podcasts, walked back up the hill, went jogging, made a snack and … Continue reading »

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Train Musings

When I was 15, I came to Europe with my Grandmother. Only now do I really appreciate the effort it took her to arrange this trip. I find myself shuddering over the confusion and hassle of booking train and plane tickets and back then we didn’t have the internet. Hear that kids? There was no … Continue reading »

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Dance Party

I went to a birthday/holiday party at a Mexican restaurant with my family over the weekend. We walked in and there was fried food, cake, a DJ/smoke/light setup and several bottles of Tequila. The birthday boy switched off with one of his nephews on the DJ setup and for the first time in three weeks … Continue reading »

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Solstice Dance

The long journey through the night… It was the end of the solstice service and the elderly woman who had spoken throughout the evening about the dark night at the end of winter, the annual death, the stillness of the sun and the coming of the light announced to us that we were all going… … Continue reading »

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Getting the Local Feed

Sitting in a small-town café is a whole different ball of wax from sitting in a city café. First of all, I’m one in maybe 5 people with a laptop instead the standard 95% laptop population of San Francisco and Chicago. Second, every day that I’ve come in, (which is about 6 days out of … Continue reading »

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