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On Giving It Away For Free

Years ago when I lived in San Francisco and times were tight, I was practicing massage therapy on a regular basis. Occasionally, I would question whether or not my rates were too high. I’d bring it up with my best friend, who founded his own online business printing high quality business cards (they were expensive… … Continue reading »

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The Right Way to Compare Yourself to Others, and Why You Should

Here’s a feel-good post for the morning inspired by One of the biggest reasons we’re not content with ourselves and our lives is that we compare ourselves to other people. —Leo Babauta Leo’s got it all wrong. He’s comparing himself to the wrong people at the wrong time. Picture it: you see photos of … Continue reading »

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The Glorious Life of a Traveling Dance Instructor

I’m sitting in a house on the outskirts of Paris, in a ville called Alfortville, which reminds me of Hackney, London. The black people here are very black, like they just came out of the sun in the sunniest part of Africa, not like the creamy blacks of America, who all have some white blood … Continue reading »

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Twelve Things I Learned + Thirteen I Would Like to Learn

I had a fairly conservative New Years’ Eve, knowing that I would hit the ground running at the start of 2013. Today I pack up my house, hand over the keys to a new tenant and embark on a five month dance tour that will take me to Las Vegas, Portland, Hawaii and multiple cities … Continue reading »

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How to Do Something You Don’t Know How to Do

A discussion of how to dive into something new, whether it’s dance, music, writing or business. 10 ways to get started without spending too much time or money. Continue reading »

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Writing Your Bio – made simple

Writing a bio is challenging and most of us write our own, which means we’re bound to fail. So here are some guidelines to make sure you include the most important information in your artist or professional bio. Continue reading »

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