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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Of Shovels and Dance

Teaching dance is like moving a mountain by hand. You must be content with doing it one shovel-full at a time. Continue reading »

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Five Ways to Make Choreography Work

Five guidelines for creating engaging Choreography based on an evening at the San Francisco Hip Hop Dance Festival. Continue reading »

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An Uncomfortable Week in Dance

An brief foray into my own lack of comfort with different styles of teaching Blues dance. Continue reading »

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Quit Doing What Works

An inventory of what’s working in my work in my local dance community and a 5-step plan to improve. Continue reading »

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How Dance Events Can Make You Fat

An examination of how eating & sleeping habits at dance events can lead to weight gain. Continue reading »

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Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

An examination of how being uncomfortable is essential to the learning process, both on and off the dance floor. Continue reading »

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An embarrassing confessional of how much baggage I have and inspiration to detach from things. Continue reading »

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Learning from Others’ Stories

How our natural impulse to find meaning in everything is detrimental and how we can use others’ stories as a tool for learning. Continue reading »

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The Child In Me

Tonight I spent some time uploading videos from my ipad to youtube so I’d have access to them from wherever I am. And no, you can’t watch them! They’re private – my work and practice product. (And, I’m a little embarrassed of them.) But the truth is, it’s not much different from something I might … Continue reading »

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Telling Stories with Dance

Last night I met with a fellow instructor/choreographer and we spent some time bouncing around ideas for a dance performance piece. In truth, I have about six pieces in the nascent stages of production, but the hardest part of the job for me is… finishing the job. It’s the filling in of the details, getting … Continue reading »

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