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Towards a More Authentic Self: Part One

I chose the tag-line for this blog “lessons learned on and off the dance floor” because I hoped that what I write here would not only resonate with people who care about dancing, but that non-dancers would appreciate my process and find some value as well. But more importantly, the lessons you learn in one setting … Continue reading »

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The Right Way to Compare Yourself to Others, and Why You Should

Here’s a feel-good post for the morning inspired by One of the biggest reasons we’re not content with ourselves and our lives is that we compare ourselves to other people. —Leo Babauta Leo’s got it all wrong. He’s comparing himself to the wrong people at the wrong time. Picture it: you see photos of … Continue reading »

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You Think of Yourself as a Dancer…

Well, you’re not. Just like how a dude on OkCupid holding a guitar in his profile picture is not a Musician. A Musician is someone who gets paid to play music for other people and who has a record contract. A Dancer is someone who gets paid to dance. We’re talking Baryschnikov, Bruhn, Pavlova, Hines, Hijikata, Nijinksky, Morris, Tharp, Sparks, Robson. You don’t know who those people are? That’s because you’re not a dancer. Continue reading »

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What I’m Doing for the next 125 Days

Finally home, from traveling the world. I’m home finally. For the first time today, I crossed the threshold of my apartment after nearly five months. Between January 2nd and today I’ve been to Las Vegas, Portland, Eugene, Oakland, 3 of the Hawaiian Islands, San Francisco, back to Chicago (but not to my house) to… Continue reading

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Twelve Things I Learned + Thirteen I Would Like to Learn

I had a fairly conservative New Years’ Eve, knowing that I would hit the ground running at the start of 2013. Today I pack up my house, hand over the keys to a new tenant and embark on a five month dance tour that will take me to Las Vegas, Portland, Hawaii and multiple cities … Continue reading »

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Going on an Adventure Helps You Focus

It’s true, I’ve hardly written on this trip. December was amazing because I had minimal distractions. I got up in the morning, made breakfast, grabbed my laptop and walked down the hill into town, sat in a café for a few hours, downloaded podcasts, walked back up the hill, went jogging, made a snack and … Continue reading »

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How to Do Something You Don’t Know How to Do

A discussion of how to dive into something new, whether it’s dance, music, writing or business. 10 ways to get started without spending too much time or money. Continue reading »

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Tame Your Message For The Medium

A brief complaint about the misuse of texting and the ultimate realization that I have to adapt. Continue reading »

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Quit Doing What Works

An inventory of what’s working in my work in my local dance community and a 5-step plan to improve. Continue reading »

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Learning from Others’ Stories

How our natural impulse to find meaning in everything is detrimental and how we can use others’ stories as a tool for learning. Continue reading »

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