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On Winning, and Losing

I didn’t win the solo blues competition at Rose City Blues and that’s eating at me. But it shouldn’t because I’m used to not winning. Winning has only been a recent development in my life. In the past, when I didn’t win, but wanted to, I asked the judges for feedback. This time I didn’t. … Continue reading »

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The Top Four Dance Clips Every Man Should Watch

Teaching American men how to dance is a different ball of wax than teaching American women to dance. Dance seems to be a natural part of a girl’s early childhood development. Aside from social encouragement to take dance classes, even if you grow up poor (like I did), dancing around in your underwear to Cyndi … Continue reading »

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Listening and Leading

Last night we had our weekly practice session. Because this weekend is CUBE, the Chicago Underground Blues Experience (an annual social dance event focused around the Chicago Blues Festival), the dancers in our practice session decided they wanted to focus on dancing that makes you go “oooh yeah!” Three hundred dancers from around Chicago, around … Continue reading »

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Flashdance Moments

Screencap of some studio time. It’s Thursday morning. That means it’s a studio morning. In order to prove to myself that I’m serious about the solo blues competition in June, I booked studio time for myself every Thursday from 10-noon. I’ve never actually done this before, but it does have a certain “Flashdance” feeling. Time… … Continue reading »

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How to Do Something You Don’t Know How to Do

A discussion of how to dive into something new, whether it’s dance, music, writing or business. 10 ways to get started without spending too much time or money. Continue reading »

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Dance Party

I went to a birthday/holiday party at a Mexican restaurant with my family over the weekend. We walked in and there was fried food, cake, a DJ/smoke/light setup and several bottles of Tequila. The birthday boy switched off with one of his nephews on the DJ setup and for the first time in three weeks … Continue reading »

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Solstice Dance

The long journey through the night… It was the end of the solstice service and the elderly woman who had spoken throughout the evening about the dark night at the end of winter, the annual death, the stillness of the sun and the coming of the light announced to us that we were all going… … Continue reading »

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Writing Your Bio – made simple

Writing a bio is challenging and most of us write our own, which means we’re bound to fail. So here are some guidelines to make sure you include the most important information in your artist or professional bio. Continue reading »

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What I Want in a Dance Class

A list of things I’m looking for in a dance class, depending on the level and some commentary about how choreography impacts follows in a partnered class setting. Continue reading »

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Things I Learned from Small Town Fitness Classes

Taking movement classes in styles you’re not that familiar with can create good learning experiences for your own teaching. Continue reading »

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